Find out the root cause of your website Traffic/SEO/Performance Problems

reveal all the hidden problems of Your WordPress Website With A Comprehensive Analysis

WPCruiseControl’s website audit includes content audit, SEO audit, design review, WordPress check-up and more.

WordPress Health Check

WordPress core, theme and plugins are reviewed for issues and pending updates

Content Audit

A close look at your content and analysing it’s relevancy for the website. This helps you weed out old content which is outdated and focus on content which can be improved

Performance Analysis

Suffering from slow page speed issues and wondering what to do? Our performance audit will pinpoint what the issues are and how to fix them.

Design Review

Our design review involves carefully analysing the UI UX of the website to look for design flaws that impact your brand and conversions.

Website Security Analysis

A malware infested website or a hacked WordPress website is common because of poor maintenance. We can identify the hacks and also recommend WordPress security best practices for your website.

SEO Audit

You’re spending money on SEO but are not ranking high enough can mean a number of things. We will analyse your website for crawl issues, keyword density, structural problems and more.

WordPress Audit & Website Assessment Plans

Comprehensive and Detailed Review of Your Website

WPCruiseControl is powered by Pixelmattic, a WordPress exclusive agency that builds and supports high-quality WordPress solutions for businesses, digital marketers, and publishers.

Our involvement with WordPress includes

Speaking at WordCamps

We love going to WordCamps to interact with the larger WordPress community. We've also spoken at one of them.

Designing custom solutions with WordPress

We've designed and built WordPress websites and custom solutions for clients since 2012.

Organizing local WordPress meetups

We actively participate in local WordPress meetups and help organize them on a monthly basis.

What our customers say

“Very good in terms of servicing and responsiveness of critical site maintenance tasks for WordPress sites with the ability to respond to urgent requests.”
Ramanan Ganesan

‎Sr.Director, Institute of Product Leadership

“You were a pleasure to work with and have helped me not only improve my blog but have also been an integral partner in constantly improving it.”
John Grimley

Writer, Researcher, Blogger, Asia Law Portal

Frequently asked questions about Website Audits
What does it mean to audit a website?
To audit a website means to systematically check every aspect of a website for issues and compare it against industry best practices. The website audit can involve multiple checks like SEO audit, content audit, website performance audit, WordPress audit and more. Depending on the size and complexity of the website, some or all of the audits mentioned before might be employed in identifying and analysing the root cause of the problems.
How do you audit a website?
There are multiple tools, free and premium, which can scan and analyse the website for you. But an audit is never complete without an expert or a team of experts having reviewed the website thoroughly. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two free tools where you can start you audit process from. You can then look at your WordPress website and the code to understand if best practices have been followed. And then finally you can make use of any of the SEO tools to understand the current SEO state of the website. In the end, all of this information needs to be reviewed and analysed to form a plan of action.
How much is a website audit?
A website audit can be done for free using tools available online. But that would only give you partial information and not the full picture of what is wrong with your website. Professional website audits can range from $500 going up to $10,000 or more, depending on the size of the website. At WPCruiseControl, we have simplified the website assessment into 3 plans – the Basic Audit costs Rs. 9500, the Growth Audit costs Rs. 14,500 and the Pro Audit costs Rs. 24,500. WPCruiseControl Basic Audit provides WordPress, Performance and Security checks which would help most websites identify the basic problems. But if you’re website is growing, you can opt for the WPCruiseControl Growth Audit which also covers SEO and UI/UX. The WPCruiseControl Pro Audit provides all of the features of Growth Audit and in addition offers Analytics and Content audits for a comprehensive analysis.
Why do I need a website audit?
A website audit is like a series of blood tests. The results of the website audit can help you understand potential problems and underlying issues which may not be visually detected on the website. If SERP ranking is important to you, then website performance, website SEO optimization and aspects like WordPress security are important factors. Identifying problems with content and design on your website, which our professional analysis can do, will tell you exactly which of these aspects is causing the problem with your organic traffic and conversions, and how you can fix it.
What is a website audit in SEO?
A SEO audit as part of a wider website audit can tell you issues related to your sitemap, indexing and how Google is currently viewing your website. Google Search Console is a great free tool where you should begin your audit. If you use a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO, the plugin will also give you feedback about areas of the website which are not properly website. Broken links and broken images are also problematic as this can affect your SEO.
What is a website content audit?
A website content audit in conjunction with the SEO audit can give you the full picture on why your website is performing poorly on SERP and organic traffic. SEO boils down to high quality content that is correctly optimised with a good link structure. Analysing the many factors that Google looks for in your content, we can identify content quality issues, linking problems and the poorly optimised meta information
Are free website audit tools good enough?
There are lot of free, freemium and paid tools to help you audit the website. The free versions can give you a quick analysis of the website, but they never go into details of the exact causes. A free website audit is like a home-use thermometer or blood pressure monitor to give you the first level of information. If you need more, you will have to visit a clinic to get your tests done. We use a combination of our decade long experience with web and marketing and some of the best tools available (most of which are premium) to gather information and then perform a detailed analysis. The end result is a comprehensive and in-depth look at your website.
What is a website security audit?
We raise an invoice for the audit plan you have chosen. Once the payment is received, we request you to share the WordPress login credentials and read only access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We require 2-3 days of time to run our audit, sometime more depending on the size of your website, and at the end of it a report is shared with you. We then fix a time to walk you through the report and explain to you what we observed and our recommendations for the next steps.

What our customers say

“I want to thank you all for transforming our web presence and designing us a beautiful website. Kudos to you for your efforts and patience in working through all the information and getting it into an organised form.”

Dr. Naveen Thomas

Director, Headstreams

“They did an audit and then walked us through their findings based on which we asked Pixelmattic to take on the maintenance of our website. The team is responsive and have sound knowledge of what it takes to optimise a legacy website. They work now as an extension of our internal team and we rely on them”

Lakshmi Iyer

Executive Director, Sannam S4

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