Landing page

A landing page is used for paid advertisements and marketing practices. It’s a webpage that visitors are taken to when they click a Google Adwords advertisement. These pages can be made with no sweat, using a landing page builder.

A landing page can be accessed through email marketing efforts such as newsletters, search engine results (Google AdWords and Google Shopping Ads), and other online advertisements placed within websites.

It typically has one CTA, as it is supposed to be concise and specialized for a specific service/product you are trying to market.

It is through a landing page, that you can gain the name and email address from your customer, thus, receiving permission to continue marketing your product to them. This is called lead generation.

“Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service”.

Your objective after gaining leads is to convert them into customers.

Landing pages are also used to warm up prospects, by informing them sufficiently of the product\service, pushing them towards a checkout, shopping cart or pricing section (CTA). 

Here are some tools that you must use in 2018, to create high-converting landing pages!


Basic plan: $29/month when paid annually

Professional plan: $55/month when paid annually

Premium plan: $127/month when paid annually

Founded in August 2009, Unbounce is a landing page builder which aids marketers and agencies in creating engaging popups, landing pages, and sticky bars.

Marketing professionals can now create, launch and test landing pages, without the help of developers.

You can choose a template out of a wide range and shift, add or remove elements on the page.

landing page builder


You may also choose a blank page, in order to gain more flexibility and a customized solution. 

With Unbounce, you can produce mobile versions of your page, with great ease!

Try the Layout Assistant tool for creating mobile landing pages that will look good on any device!

What’s more? You can get your queries answered from support staff, via phone, email or a live chat.

You can publish a landing page in a matter of few hours, without coding. A staggering 250 plus typefaces further increase the visual quality of Unbounce’s landing pages.

Undertaking A\B testing is fairly simple in Unbounce, as you can create and edit a variant of your landing page, assign traffic to the page and re-publish it to see its conversion rate and other statistics.

Furthermore, integrate your product with other marketing tools by driving leads from Unbounce to various automation tools.

Unbounce supports third-party analytics tools such as KISSmetrics and Google Analytics.


Core plan-  $68 /month when paid annually

Optimization plan- $113 /month when paid annually

Team and Agency- $203 /month when paid annually

Instapage, like Unbounce, gives amazing opportunities to create responsive landing pages.

Also, similar to Unbounce, Instapage affords a variety of pre-made templates, blank page templates, and drag-and-drop editor for customization of pages. What can you drag and drop? Any widget such as copy, autoplay video, images, boxes, forms, and countdown timers.

landing page builder


Like Unbounce, this landing page builder provides integration of tools such as email marketing, CRM, marketing automation and analytics. In addition to the above integrations, Instapage also allows integration with GoToWebinar and Bigstock.

With Instapage, you can carry out valuable AB testing to figure out key performance metrics of your landing pages. You can create two different page variations and test them out, but “you can still test specific elements by simply cloning a page and only changing one element.”

A heat map allows you to see the scroll depth, clicks and mouse movements of each of your visitor, to gain further insight into improving your pages.

By using the Instapage WordPress plugin, you can seamlessly publish your landing page to your WordPress blog or website!

Customizing HTML, CSS and Javascript is an additional advantage, besides the fact that creating a landing page from scratch is possible, in Instapage.


 Standard plan- $25 /month when paid annually

Pro plan- $48 /month when paid annually

Advanced plan- $199 /month when paid annually

Similar to Unbounce and Instapage, LeadPages has similar tools to build creative landing pages.

An assorted wide collection of templates that can be sorted according to their conversion rates, is an attractive feature of this builder, which sets it apart from its competitors.

You can also purchase other marketer’s landing page templates through the marketplace!

landing page builder

Template selection


Mobile responsive landing pages and popups can be created by anyone, using the familiar drag-and-drop editor to play with various widgets, around the page.

You can also create Facebook and Instagram ads on Leadpages, with an ability to customize every detail of your campaign, before you publish the ads online.

Leadpages WordPress Plugin allows users to post leadboxes and landing pages to their WordPress blog or site.

What are leadboxes? These are opt-in forms which pop up after clicking a link/button, after a timed duration, or when the user behaves with an intent to exit the website.

Moreover, Leadpages offers Leaddigits, a tool that can be used to collect leads through text messages. It is super efficient for collecting data during busy offline meetings and seminars!

The above three landing page builders provide similar benefits of A/b testing, Analytics, Automated email integration, customizing HTML and CSS, and drag and drop editors.

If you are wondering how to design a perfect landing page that brings in the best conversion rates, then do check out The Ultimate Guide to Designing The Perfect Landing Page!