Maintenance Landing Page

Every website needs some routine maintenance. Infact, it is essential to undertake regular maintenance of your site, to make sure all unnecessary elements are removed. For this purpose, a maintenance landing page becomes a necessity for all website owners.

While you are making some upgrades to your website, always use a maintenance landing page or a ‘coming soon’ landing page!

A customized message to inform your customers that your website is undergoing maintenance, is always the way to go! Maintenance landing pages can be created using plugins available online, and the pages can be customized by adding images, text, countdown timers and contact details.

Add information that is useful to your users, but, if you think your page looks boring and generic, then take the liberty to be creative with it.

Adding vibrant wondrous images, humorous text or a joke or two. Experiment with your maintenance landing page, while communicating all that is necessary.

Some plugins that are readily available online to install are-

1) WP Maintenance Mode by Designmodo

maintenace landing page

When you activate WP Maintenance Mode, your site will go into maintenance mode, and users who have admin rights get to see the front end.

Some of the features of this plugin are

  • Customizable text, images, and colors
  • Addition of countdown timers, contact forms, subscription forms, social media icons
  • Countless templates
  • SEO options

The plugin also works with any WordPress theme and has bots that collect emails efficiently.

2) Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode by SeedProd

maintenace landing page

Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode has similar features of the plugin mentioned above, as it works with any WordPress Theme, is responsive and customizable, and provides multisite support, among other things.

The PRO version offers even delectable features such as

  • A secret link that enables clients to view the upcoming website, without having to log in
  • Google and Typekit fonts
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Built-in referral tracking
  • Ability to embed videos in the description by entering the URL
  • Integration with MailChimp, AWeber, Get Response, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor
  • Google Analytics Support

And many more features….

3) Under Construction by Web Factory Ltd

maintenace landing page

Create an under construction page, maintenance or coming soon page, and install and configure it in less than a minute, with Under Construction.

The pro version includes features such as 100 plus templates, drag and drop builder, affiliate and traffic tracking.

More options include disabling construction mode on a set date, enabling tracking via Google Analytics, customizing CSS, access to a login button that shows a discrete link to the login form, and social icons/links.

A delectable 30+ themes to choose from, Under Construction plugin is search engine optimized, perfect for any user that wants a quick and efficient method of setting up a maintenance page.

4) Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by Web Factory Ltd

maintenance landing page

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by Web Factory has much of the features of plugins that are described above.

This plugin provides a good collection of images, some 400,000 images in the PRO version, 40+ themes in the PRO version, completely customizable page, maintenance page preview before activation, SEO preview and many more features that make this plugin greatly trusted among website owners.

Instead of a template, you can use a background image and your logo, to build your coming soon or maintenance page.

As illustrated with the examples above, a maintenance landing page is informative and in itself a well-designed page. This is good, as it gives your users a more professional impression of your website, and then make them more likely to return.

Comparably, a website without a maintenance page could end up presenting the user with a generic 500, Internal Server error message page, which suggests a poorly created and maintained website; or worse, the full website, with half the functionality broken, as it is under maintenance.

This would drive away users that have no way of knowing this is only temporary, and they are left only experiencing a broken website.

Here are Top WordPress Maintenance Providers, that might help ease the process of maintenance of your website! While your website is in maintenance, remember to build a simple, yet creative maintenance landing page!